Collaborative Divorce Association of Eastern Carolina

The Collaborative Divorce Association of Eastern Carolina is not a law firm.  It is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the use of a process called Collaborative Family Law (CFL).  CFL is a type of alternative dispute resolution.  It is a method or technique intended to resolve domestic disputes through forward-looking non-adversarial negotiation, instead of court.  It is a process for resolving disputes without going to court to have a family court judge make the decisions about your family.

The Collaborative Divorce Association of Eastern Carolina presently has five member attorneys who participate in the CFL process, any of whom you may contact for a consultation. He or she will explain the process in detail, and determine if the CFL process is right for you.



How is CFL Different? 


Contact a member attorney for more information on CFL.

List of Member Attorneys


All of our members are also members of the IACP.

Benefits of CFL

No court or trials 

Confine the cost

Private and confidential 

Often quicker than court

Not adversarial 

Child-friendly approach

No child custody battles

Choose the city/county in NC

Problem solving, not blaming

More flexible than court

More control over process

Keep a cordial relationship as co-parents after divorce

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Members are available for CFL cases throughout

Eastern North Carolina

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